Java Joe's Free Sample
Our coffee Fundraiser costs you nothing and lets you use America's favorite drink to bring in the money you need! 

Why Java Joes?

  • No minimum order.
  • Full color glossy order forms provided to you free of charge!
  • Online order entry.
  • Free Full color customized bag label designed for you!
  • 23 Types of specialty coffee
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Freshly roasted to order
  • Ongoing sales & reorders available
  • Big profits!
Java Joe's Free Sample

About US

Java Joe's Free Sample
Hi That’s me Java Joe. I am standing with President and CEO Michael De Luca. I was born and created due to the lack of funding the past years for schools and other organizations throughout the United States. Many fundraising organizers where looking for something unique rather than cookie doe and wrapping paper. They were searching for something easy to sell to help raise funds for their cause. Since Coffee is one the world largest consumable products, we saw a huge demand for our product.
Our Crew as been roasting coffee for many years. Mr De Luca has many years experience in business management development sales and marketing and is now offering distributer opportunities throught out North America. We are looking for key sales people and distributors to bring our Java Joe Brand to there communities and to Perk up there Fundraising profits.

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Phone:877-341-2332                 Office: 631-791-5801   ext  3
Java Joe's Free Sample

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Java Joe's Free Sample